About Spice Science

Our Founder

My name is Cody Ruch, I am a musician who loves to cook.For most of 2015 I was a homebody and got to cook three meals a day.

I loved experimenting with different spices and blends to see how they affected the flavor. Eventually, I found I was using a similar blend for almost everything, so i decided to make a large jar of it to speed up my prep for each meal.

One day I was preparing a steak for myself and a friend and used my normal spice mix with a few different additions. We both took a bite, turned and stared at each other in disbelief, this was the best steak we’ve ever had! He asked me if he could take some seasoning home, and I thought it would be a good idea to share my discovery with a few other friends. Soon everyone I had let taste the new blend were back looking for more. This was around the holidays so i figured, this would make a great gift! I made a large batch, packaged it, and handed it out to all my friends and family.

Everyone loved it so much that by January I had strangers asking me how they could get more of this delicious spice someone had shared with them.Even my friends were asking to purchase more, so I started Spice Science to share my spices and blends easily with all of you!

Spice Science takes a scientific approach to flavor. I love and encourage experimenting with recipes, finding the subtle differences between small amounts of change, and attempting to re-create them with ease. By researching each ingredient fully, one can have a better understanding of how to and why to use them.

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